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General Practitioner

Dr Kathryn Hutt MBBS BSc(Med) MPH MA(Applied Ethics)

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09:00am – 5:00pm
09:00am – 5:00pm


Having grown up in the area, I have recently returned to the beautiful Northern Beaches to raise my own family here, and am delighted to be working again with the team at Mona Vale Medical Practice.

Until recently I have been living and working in rural and remote locations in NSW, providing outreach general practice clinics to Bourke, Enngonia, Hillston and Tumbarumba. I found this work very rewarding, and look forward to resuming short clinic visits to the outback once my children are older.

My clinical practice has included a focus on women’s heath, Aboriginal health and infectious diseases, having worked intensively in these fields during my career, including as a microbiology registrar for some years early in my training.

As well as my work at Mona Vale Medical Practice, I am the Medical Director at the Doctors’ Health Advisory Service (NSW). I also provides regular fly-in GP services to remote NSW. I have additional qualifications in Public Health and Applied Ethics and am an active clinical member on a Sydney University Human Research Ethics Committee.

I have always enjoyed general practice and am committed to delivering quality care to my patients with empathy and inclusion of my patients views and input into their management.

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