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Being raised in a family of doctors, including my GP father, it was almost inevitable that I should follow in their footsteps. With my medical degrees and 2 years of residency in Newcastle behind me, I headed to England with my wife to further my training. After a year of paediatrics (gaining a Diploma in Child Health), 6 months of obstetrics (gaining a Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) and 6 months of general medicine interspersed with lots of travelling, I returned to Australia with lots of experience and twin boys.

I set up a general practice in Macksville on the NSW north coast where I practiced for 28 years. A rural GP is also rostered on at the local hospital, which gives you wonderful exposure to a wide range of medicine. Though long hours were the norm, the work was extremely rewarding, looking after families through all their ups and downs both in and out of hospital.

In 2013, with our 4 children grown up, it was time for a change and we moved to Newport where I had spent much of my childhood at our family holiday cottage. For the next 2 years, to see more of Australia, I did locums at Christmas Island, Groote Eylandt, the Kimberley, Broome and Tasmania.

In 2015 I joined Dr Meg Higgins in Mona Vale. She has been a colleague of mine for many years.

I thoroughly enjoy the full spectrum of general practice and as a country GP I have a broad range of experience including minor procedural work which I enjoy. I have a particular interest in skin checks and removal of skin lesions.

I am a strong advocate for preventative medicine together with patient education and involvement in their medical care. I believe that the best outcomes are the result of comprehensive and continuous family medicine.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy a number of pastimes including surfing and golf, travel and gardening but most importantly spending family time with my wife, 4 children and a burgeoning number of grandchildren.

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